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how to apply for returns

How to apply for returns

General Instructions on returns and replacement

We guarantee that the goods sold are purchased through normal channels, pictures online is only for your reference. If you find pictures doesn't match with the merchants you received, please prevail in kind.


We are committed to the customer that within 7 days of goods received, we will return full amount if they meet the following conditions,

1. Goods and package is not damaged and stays the original package as it is sold.

2. Indicate the reason for the return, if there are any quality problems, be sure to explain it clearly;

3. Ensure the accessories or the gifts for free to be returned with the goods together.

4. If there are quality problems for part of the whole set, the whole set is required to be returned when applying for returns.


Returns is not accepatable for following conditions,

Any used merchandise, other than quality issues.

Any quality problems out of normal use.



You should contact with our customer representative when applying for returns, when it is confirmed, you can return it. Any returned goods without the notification of our customer, we will not bare the round trip costs.

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