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The SpiderPro Holster

Perfect for heavy duty cameras.

$ 115.5

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SpiderPro Camera Holster is extremely durable. When matched with different belts, it is capable of different weight loads of around 20kg. 


Features in brief:

Two-position lock allows the camera hang at a comfortable angle.

A stainless steel insert at the bottom of the Holster can be easily replaced  and therefore extends the lifespan of the Holster.

Specifically designed, the 1/4-20 threaded hole allows an easy installation.

Flexible, can be matched with different belts. 

Product Specification:

Material: Zinc

G.W: 0.8KGS

Color: Silver

Spiderpro Dimension: 5*3.3*8.5cm

Package List: 1 SpiderPro Holster

                       1 SpiderPro Plate

                       1 SpiderPro Pin

Two-position lock let the camera hang at a comfortable angle.

Camera can be securely hung with the two-position  lock. Slides the camera in and put the lock in the upper position, the camera will be firmly locked. It can be taken out when you push the lock upward. This design makes your camera hangs safely while making your shooting smart and fast.


Insert at the bottom can be replaced which easily extend the lifespan of the SpiderPro.

Zinc die-casted holster has an the insert at the bottom which is made of an extremely durable stainless steel material. When replaced, it can extend the lifespan of the SpiderPro Holster. After long-term usage, wear and tear is visible from the SpiderPro insert, reminding you that a replacement is needed.


Specifically designed, the 1/4-20 treaded hole allows an easy installation.

The hole on the Spider pin can be firmly attached to your camera with the wrench attached.


More Flexible, can be matched with different belts.

Thick or thin, your belt can be treaded through the clip at the back due to its elasticity.

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